Welcome! We know your time is valuable, so we’ll cut to the chase.

We’re looking for self starting engineers to join our fast moving founding team. In building a devtool, your developer background naturally blends into product/design/go to market, so bonus points if you’re an all-rounder. We’ve got a lot on our roadmap, from deployment infra to analytics dashboards, and we’re on a mission to reach $1 million ARR this year.

<aside> 🌟 Ready to apply? Email Hahnbee ([email protected]) with a resume & anything else you want us to know about you :)


Not an engineer? Send an email to Han ([email protected]). We’ll expand other functions soon.

🌿 What’s Mintlify?

The best developer companies (think Stripe, Twilio, MongoDB) have effective and user-centric documentation at their backbone. Mintlify helps any company achieve the documentation they need effortlessly, so that they can focus on building what they do best.

Okay - enough of the PR. How do we do that?

  1. We keep your docs where you work (in your code) so that updating them is as easy as pushing to Git
  2. We deploy your docs seamlessly - never worry about manual deployments ever again. As soon as you push a change, consider it handled
  3. We make analytics and tracking on your documentation easy - see what users are searching, clicking, etc to improve your user conversion and retention

All while offering beautiful styling out of the box, structure where you want it, and flexibility when you’re looking to power up your customizations.

In just 6 months, we’ve built up a strong community of 100+ customers. Read some of their testimonies:

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✨ Where you can shine

As a founding engineer, you’ll have a large stake and responsibility in what we build next. We’re not just filling shoes - we’re looking for someone who brings a strong perspective and can influence what Mintlify will become.

Some things you will do: